A Year of Wellness: Yoga with Bianca

  • Date: Wednesdays at 12PM PST

  • Address: Online Yoga via Zoom

You are invited to A Year of Wellness: Yoga with Bianca, a weekly online yoga experience dedicated to your well-being held every Wednesday at 12PM PST.

Commit to your wellness with weekly yoga classes with Bianca. Your health is the most foundational aspect to feeling good and living well.

Join Bianca every week in a journey to go deeper into your yoga practice.

Explore the limits of your body and cultivate physical strength as you peel back the layers, uncovering the most authentic you using movement, stillness and breath.

Once you practice with Bianca, you will want to make it a part of your weekly routine.

These classes are unique to Bianca’s style of teaching, which is based on influences from vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, functional movement, pilates, and dance. This class is open to all experience levels, with more advanced variations offered throughout class. Each class is always unique and will provide a well-rounded, balanced practice for your body and mind.

One class is $15 or join A Year of Wellness with Bianca, a monthly membership for $47 each month valid for all the live classes that month.

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A few benefits from Bianca’s classes that attendees shared:

Connect to my body, create calmness, great half day break, most importantly improve my practice.
Staying safe and being active. It has gotten me back to practicing yoga again.
Receiving guidance during a class (compared to watching a video) has been really helpful! It really helps alleviate stress and any pent-up energy while we are staying home.
I am new to yoga and I have really enjoyed your classes. I like that yoga can be relaxing as well as challenging. You’ve been extremely motivating and helpful, too. 🙂
Rejuvenated overall
Bianca’s energy and encouragement to practice yoga even at home
Staying home, no need to go to gym, wear a mask…
The stretching has been most beneficial.
Motivates me to work out at home, mitigates desk pain, sense of community with a big group
A fantastic at-home workout, the transition Bianca made from studio to at-home practice instruction has gone off without a hitch. Truly impressive.
After sitting at my desk in the morning or even a few days, Bianca’s classes have been something that in general makes me feel better – I feel stronger, more flexible, more open, and it’s a mental break in the middle of my day. Bianca’s soft and gentle but motivating voice is perfect!
Flexibility of doing yoga from home led by a great instructor!
Intensity mixed with relaxation helps me relieve stress
Routine and helps me make a commute my wellness
I sleep better the days I am able to take a class.


What is the cost of the class?

One class is $15 or join A Year of Wellness with Bianca, a monthly membership for $47 each month valid for all the live classes that month.

Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Minimum age to participate is 18 years old. Other than that, class is open to everyone. Class difficulty level will be dependent on attendees but will be accessible to all levels. If you are healing an injury, please check with your doctor and/or physical therapist before attending.

What do I need for class?

Prepare a yoga mat, towel, and water. Wear yoga leggings, shorts, a top, or sports bra. You may also choose to include pillows, blankets, or blocks if you have them.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can contact Bianca directly at [email protected] or (562) 308-0586.


  • Date: By appointment

  • Address: Various

Bianca offers corporate yoga partnerships to firms in San Diego and Orange County to help employers promote wellness and work-life balance.

Successful wellness programs have been shown to improve employee engagement. Bianca works with wellness program leads to set aside time and space for employees to enjoy the benefits of on-site yoga. Classes are typically an hour long and held during lunch or after work in a conference room, on-site gym, or virtually via Zoom. Bianca customizes the classes to the needs of the group and offers vinyasa flow, functional mobility, as well as calm restorative stretching. Corporations can choose to sponsor the cost of the program or employees contribute for the classes.

Bianca is passionate about helping people who sit for extended hours at work. Before teaching yoga full time, she built a six year career in financial services. During that time, she learned how to find balance and stay active through yoga, fitness, eating well, and mindfulness. She hopes to share this knowledge with others to help them live their best in every area of life.

Corporates are at $150 per session. Clients usually book ten classes at a time and renew after the ten sessions (invoice for ten classes provided by Bianca before the first session). To work with Bianca for a corporate yoga class series, chair yoga session, or wellness talk, submit an inquiry here.


  • Date: By appointment

  • Address: Various

If you are looking to receive one-on-one attention for your specific yoga and mindfulness goals, a private session may be best for you.

Bianca is thoughtful and attentive. She creates a positive space for growth and learning.

Private instruction may be beneficial if you want to:

  • Customize and deepen your yoga practice
  • Build strength & increase flexibility by working on muscle groups or poses of your choice
  • Learn tools to relieve stress, calm the mind, & improve breathing
  • Recover from an injury
  • Increase usable range of motion through functional range conditioning (FRC) techniques


Students typically progress towards their goals more quickly in private sessions than studio settings.

Bianca is also available for travel opportunities and semi-private classes for groups of 2 or more.

Privates start at $150 per session. A 10 class package is offered for $140 each class, with payment due in full prior to the first session. For more information on available times, submit an inquiry here.

Broadway Athletic and Swim Club

  • Date: In person classes by Bianca are currently on pause but will be back soon

  • Address: Broadway Athletic | 501 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

Bianca’s Vinyasa classes at Broadway Athletic are ashtanga-inspired and accessible to all levels. Her classes combine her love of a graceful and strong practice with intentional living insights she is learning in her own personal journey. She encourages students to breathe, tune into alignment, and come to present awareness. Bianca loves guiding students towards their fullest potential on their mats. She has an intuitive way of offering hands-on assists and tailoring the yoga sequence to the students in the room.


  • Date: N/A

  • Address: N/A

We have had a corporate yoga program in the past at my office, but we wanted to go with a new instructor that could bring more cardio benefits into the workout, rather than just stretching and meditation. We decided to work with Bianca, and it was a great decision! She is professional, responsive, and even created her own flyer that we could distribute to employees as advertisement. Our group is a nice blend of all different yoga experience levels. Bianca is able to create each class with multiple levels of difficulty that provides a challenge to the advanced members, while still being approachable for the beginners. She changes it up every time which is a nice variety for the group, and is always encouraging us along the way. Being able to walk away from sitting at the desk all day, and head downstairs to yoga has been a tremendous perk. We are thankful to have found Bianca and look forward to booking more sessions with her in the future!

-A. Fields


Bianca was one of the first teachers I came across when I started yoga. She had a welcoming and motivating presence that made trips back to the mat fun and a positive opportunity, which altered my idea of yoga as a chore to keep myself healthy and repair injuries from sports.

I love how she takes yoga beyond studio walls to outdoor locations with refreshing beach views and sunsets.

Learning focus, acceptance of wherever I am, and having confidence in the ability to improve or change things in my life are invaluable to me and she has been a great guide.

-T. Chan


Bianca’s classes find the perfect balance between guidance and challenge. She tailors the warmups to prepare you for any challenging poses you may want to practice, teaching new poses in a way that’s accessible for all skill levels, and most importantly, creates a safe and comfortable environment to play and grow. Each class begins, revolves around, and ends with an encouraging theme that creates a sense of uniqueness absent from other instructors’ classes. I’m always learning something new with Bianca, and after class I’m excited to take my practice further.?

-J. Sinclair