One Exercise to Find Your Life’s Passion and a Career you Love

Have you ever wondered what your passion is? Do you find yourself daydreaming about making a living doing what you love? In this post, I’ll share with you an exercise that will help you organize your thoughts about your dream career!

I did this exercise last year when I wanted to find clarity and direction in my work life and it really helped set an internal compass towards a long-term vision.

What You Need

You’ll need a journal if you like to write or the Trello app on your phone.? I love Trello! I use it everyday. It’s a virtual board where you can create lists and organize them however you want! Picture electronic post-its that you can move around.

The Exercise

Giftedness – Resources – Dream Job

Here is a screenshot of my vision board I wrote early in 2016 on the Trello app.






Know your Gifts

The first step to change is being aware and knowing yourself. Who are you? What are you good at? What are your talents, abilities, and skills??List out all your best qualities.

I knew I had to take inventory of exactly who I was. I’ll share with you a few that I wrote down:

Strong interpersonal skills


Gifted at teaching yoga

Business savvy

Distinct intuition

Knowing your skillset is so important because this will help you discover what you have to offer to the world and why your contribution matters.

Don’t hold back! Be proud of yourself, your strengths and what makes you unique.

Understand your Resources

We are blessed with so much. It’s easy to forget just how much we have when we are focused on what we don’t have. This list is important because it’s the starting point. With any endeavor in life, you start with what you already have.

Get creative with this list! Include the obvious things but expand from there. Where do you work? Who are you connected to? What activities or organizations do you participate in?

Here were the resources I noted:

Good living location

CorePower Yoga

Girl Get Outside

Network of friends and family

Rock Harbor

Dream up your Ideal Career

This is the fun part. You get to dream up what you really want! It’s a dream for a reason so don’t worry about being realistic. One day you’ll look back and be excited you wrote everything you really want. Get detailed with it too! What feeling do you want to experience when you do your life’s work? Who do you want next to you? What purpose do you hope to serve?

Here are some things I wrote about my dream job:

Not tied to a desk

Active and physically moving

Inspire and motivate

High interaction with people

Channel my love of fitness, nature, and music

Putting it All Together

Once you’ve written out all three side by side, read them over and observe any common threads. The magic happens when you find alignment in your strengths, your resources, and your vision.

I hope this exercise provides value and helps you on your way to discover your life’s passion and the career of your dreams!


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