How to Elevate Your Mindset and Receive Life’s Best For You

Do you know how powerful your mind is? I’ve been discovering the power of mindset and thoughts lately. In this post, I’ll share with you how elevating your belief system can shift your world and prepare you to receive life’s best for you.

This is pretty deep stuff but it’s literally been changing my life so I wanted to share it with you.

This post will resonate with you if you want to live life to the fullest, work towards achieving your potential, break unhealthy patterns, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Before we dive in…

Doing the inner work that I’ll be talking about in this post is not easy but it is so crucial to growth and progress in every area of our lives. During the month of October, I laid low and dove headfirst into exploring these concepts and sitting with myself. It’s now a few weeks into November and I’m discovering how valuable this work is, especially as we move into the new year.

There was a point in time a few years ago when I didn’t “want to go there” with my thoughts and feelings. But what I noticed was I would simply find myself in circular thought patterns and situations. Now I’m realizing in order to change our results and eventually our lives, we have to start in the mind.

How to Elevate Your Mindset

1. Release Limiting Thoughts + Feelings + Actions and Replace with Empowering Thoughts + Feelings + Actions

The first step to this work is taking inventory of our limiting beliefs and ways of living.

Take your journal and divide the page by three, on the top half write down “Limiting” and on the bottom half write down “Empowering”.

Then write down your thoughts, feelings, and actions that shrink you or keep you small.

Here were some of mine:

A limiting thought I had -> I have to do everything alone and I can’t rely or depend on anyone to help me.

A limiting feeling I had -> I feel like I have nothing to offer now that I don’t have my corporate job and am not receiving a large steady paycheck.

A limiting action I used to do -> I would replay past situations and beat myself up for how I handled it.

Now write yours.

Don’t hold back and try to dig really deep.

Then flip those into empowering thoughts, feelings, and actions on the bottom half of the page.

Here are mine, Empowering:

Thought -> Asking for help, letting people in, and depending on others is healthy, natural, and life-giving.

Feeling -> I am enough and my resume qualities do not define my worth.

Action -> I accept and forgive myself for anything in the past and commit to no longer bringing it up.

2. Acknowledge the “You Can’t Have That” Voice and then tell it to Shut Up

Our thoughts are talking to us all day long, at a million miles an hour. I started to listen to my thoughts more and run it through a filter. When you catch the voice that tells you that you can’t, you should give up, it’s a lost cause, things will always be this way, take note of it, say I see you, but NO, YOU’RE WRONG.

You will find that once you start making a habit of taking every thought captive, it will be easier to recognize and stop them earlier.

3. Know What You are not Willing to Accept and Act on it

This is where the mindset starts to apply itself. When we commit to releasing limiting beliefs and training our minds, the next step is to align our actions with it. Start to ask yourself what you want in every area of your life -> career + vocation, family + friends + relationships, impact + legacy, etc. and then at the same time, seek to understand what you don’t want.

I understand this is a lifelong journey and what we want will change as we grow, but doing this has been life changing for me. It takes time and intentionality.

Once you have reflected and written all of that down, it’s time to live by it. It won’t be perfect, of course. But as much as we can, if we make decisions in alignment, I’m finding that we will discover a more peaceful life.

Now, the amazing thing is once we start doing the inner work, things start happening. I think it’s because our beliefs start shifting and we realize how worthy we are to receive good things. For some reason there’s this cloud of “oh you have to feel guilty, dim your light, and live small because of what people will think” but I think we’re called to life more abundantly, we’re blessed to be a blessing, and that it should never stop at us.

How to Receive

1. Stay the Course

Something crazy happens once you’ve released your limiting beliefs and make a commitment to yourself. What is it? Things will come up to distract or test you to see if you’ll stay the course.

This literally happened to me two weeks ago. There were two separate things that happened that would have totally derailed me if I had not been on this path.

Maybe you believe only in coincidence and I totally respect that. But it’s still interesting to see sometimes. How things could be going amazing and smooth sailing then a plot twist or curve ball comes.

2. Choose Love over Fear

A few months ago, I did a post on fear. It’s been powerful seeing the shift in my life since then. Fear has less of a grip in my life compared to two months ago, and I think it will just keep going from there.

Everyday we are faced with options, choices, and decisions. I’m noticing that if we dive head first into the fear, we will conquer it and it will no longer have power over us.

So an example of this is one of my fears is vulnerability. I recently joined a community group at my church and people were given the opportunity to share their life and faith story. My instinct before was to stay surface level and put up walls so people can’t get to know me. So to counteract my fear, I dove straight in and decided to share my story up front. The result of doing that was I experienced freedom, courage, and strength from becoming vulnerable and letting people share in my life experiences, even the sad ones.

It might not be your style to just jump in and run in the direction of your fears, but I wonder if it’s worth exploring for you.

3. Accept Yourself Fully and Feel your Feelings

The last thing that unlocks the freedom to receive is accepting ourselves completely and connecting with our feelings. Again, this is a lifelong journey and we’re always going to grow in acceptance. I’m finding that there is so much freedom in being ourselves. It’s really hard work too, because society tries to put us in boxes and categories.

I’ve realized that who I am is so complex that it would be difficult to fit into a certain mold. You probably feel the same way. It takes a lot of courage but it’s worth it.

I love reading Mark Groves’?work on this topic.?I’ll close off this blog post with this quote from him

It’s not that we need to learn how to love people, that comes naturally to us. It’s that we need to learn how to remove the things that get in the way of allowing ourselves to love and be loved. It’s learning new thoughts and beliefs about what love leads to. For most of us, love has led to hurt, and so we do everything to prevent that hurt from happening again. The irony being that everything we do to protect ourselves gets in the way of loving and being loved. We prevent the very thing we crave most. So please, I beg you. Learn you. Learn what you do to prevent love from happening. And then consciously begin to stop doing that so you can let love flow. Be fierce. Be courageous. And you’ll see that love is the solvent to your pain, you just have to let it flow.

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